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        Gutter Accessories

The spike and ferrule installation has been the standard for years. It is functional. However, the expansion and contraction of snow and ice will eventually loosen them, and unsecured gutters can results in expensive water damage to your home. The screwed hanger is not only a stronger installation, it also has a cleaner look. No nail heads show on the face of the gutter.
Screwed Hidden Hanger
  Styles may vary

Spike Installation
Keep Your Gutters Looking Like New with
Tiger Stripping caused by acid rain. The rain runs
down the face of the gutter causing the staining.

STAINGUARDER diverts the water away.

10-Year Limited Warranty

Visit http:/www.stainguarder.com

LEADER CLIPS are screwed
to the wall from behind,
providing a nicer look.

Leader Clips

Standard Strap

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